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Ivan Grygoruk. For the large-scale restoration of the country's infrastructure, we will need to implement European and global standards in the energy industry

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On May 25, the experts held the "Discussion of the restoration and development of electric grids in Ukraine" at Energy Freedom by Energy Club talk show.

Fragments of the speech by Ivan Grygoruk, Vice President of Energy Club.

In continuation of the previous speeches of colleagues it is necessary to note that first of all, in my opinion, while the war is going on, the regulator should simplify in the normative documentation the order of development and presentation for approval the plans of distribution systems development and their investment programs, consider the reduction of the penalties for electricity market imbalances due to the change of useful power supply structure, as well as the need to promptly review the DSO tariff.

After the war to restore the infrastructure, which has already experienced destruction on a colossal scale, it is necessary at the expense of the Government and international specialized funds, which are now being created with the help of the world community. After all, we understand that, despite the form or structure of ownership of the DSO, the companies themselves simply physically will not be able to raise such funds. The specified position is archival, because all distribution and main networks and the entire power industry is the basis of the national economy of the state and without it one should not even think about any development in the future.

It should be noted that for the large-scale restoration of the country's infrastructure, we will need to implement European and global standards in the energy industry, adopt new laws or amend existing ones, as well as regulations of the NERC and necessarily make appropriate changes to the codes of TSO and DSO, Rules for Electrical Installations, Rules of technical operation Safety instructions and other regulatory documents.

The next step is to liberalize the terms of public procurement for design, equipment procurement, commissioning or testing of electrical installations and commissioning of critical infrastructure, because even in pre-war times the whole process of reconstruction or new construction took several years, and in post-war times the risk will increase manifold, given the simultaneous burden on major equipment manufacturers and logistics, to say nothing of other obvious factors.

Regarding development of regulatory documents or making changes to the existing ones on the state of war, I suggest to organize a working group within Energy Club together with DSO, CIGRE specialists and work out these proposals in order to work with central authorities and regulator already now. We are always ready together with you to find a way out of those difficult situations that have a significant impact on the work of our DSO in this difficult time.

We recall that on May 31, an Investment and donor conference to raise funds to rebuild Ukraine's war-torn energy infrastructure will be held.