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DTEK calls for complete embargo of russian oil and gas

On behalf of the biggest private investor in Ukrainian energy sector – DTEK, we are referring to you with the urgent and crucial request.

It has been 12 days already since Ukraine is fighting against a military invasion to its territories by russia.

russian aggression against Ukraine continues to be fueled by the continuing windfall profits from the sale of hydrocarbons. The current record prices for oil and gas strengthen the aggressor's confidence in the availability of financial resources for new cruise missiles against peaceful Ukrainian cities.

Meanwhile, the international community has launched consultations on an embargo on the purchase of russian oil. Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Dr. Fatih Birol presented the “A 10-Point Plan to Reduce the European Union’s Reliance on russian Natural Gas” at a press conference with Barbara Pompili, the Minister for Ecological Transition of France, which currently holds the EU Presidency, and Kadri Simson, the European Commissioner for Energy.

Dr. Birol also commented “Nobody is under any illusions anymore, russia’s use of natural gas resources as an economic and political weapon shows Europe needs to act quickly to be ready to face considerable uncertainty over russian gas supplies next winter.”

On behalf of 250,000 Ukrainian power engineers, gas workers and miners, we ask you to protect the lives of our children by completely embargoing russian oil and gas. We are convinced that URALS and ESPO crude oil grades should become toxic, meaning there should be no possibility to resell even through intermediaries.

Such a complete embargo will not lead to turmoil in the Western world, as russian propaganda forecasts. There are enough producers in the world capable of increasing production and compensating for the loss of russian oil. There are also decisions at the government level on the use of strategic reserves.

With regard to gas, European countries have at least seven months to accumulate an alternative resource and transform their energy consumption before the new heating season.

We are convinced that this is the only way to force russia to stop the war – to stop the killing of civilians, the destruction of houses, schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

The purchase of russian hydrocarbons finances the death of Ukrainian children in a monstrous war in Eastern Europe.

By falsely speculating on the lack of alternatives to russian supplies, the regime in Moscow is trying to make the Western world an accomplice in its crimes against humanity.

We ask you to launch a complete embargo on oil and gas from russia. Please kindly announce this publically by any possible means on behalf of your company. You can sign the statement or a letter indicating your position, make publications in social media.

We sincerely believe that only joint efforts would help us to fight the disastrous intentions of russian regime towards Ukraine and the whole world.