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Before 1914, the accepted wisdom was that war in Europe would be impossible - Michael Grossmann

On April 21, during the Energy Freedom by Energy Club talk show, experts discussed "Sanctions against Russia. What is the new role of Ukrainian economy?"

In general, the following questions were raised:
  • Impact of the US and EU sanctions box on the Russian economy. How to strengthen sanctions pressure?
  • Energy bridge between Ukraine and EU countries.
  • Nuclear safety on the European continent.
  • Investment opportunities in the energy sector of Ukraine. For example: oil production and refining investment projects.

Michael Grossmann, managing partner at Tumbleweed Partners, noted in a commentary to Energy Club after the talk show: "Before 1914, the accepted wisdom was that war in Europe would be impossible because the economies of Europe's empires and the Ottoman one were too interdependent and that it would lead to economic catastrophe. Likewise, Germany's Östpolitik since Willy Brandt and all the way to Angela Merkel was to engage with the USSR/Russia to reduce the risk of war and of course to benefit Germany's economy. If this aggression should teach Europeans one thing, it is that autocratic Russia thinks differently from them, just as Wilhelm II's autocratic Germany thought differently over 100 years ago. Far from making autocratic countries less aggressive and more prosperity-minded, trade with these countries only creates dependence".

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