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#StopBloodyEnergy – Energy Club approached EnBW (Germany) and American Clean Power (USA)

Ukraine's largest business community of energy companies Energy Club joins #StopBloodyEnergy initiative and will daily address to Western companies with appeals to stop cooperation with Russia in fuel and energy sector.

On April 12, the Energy Club sent another appeal (the first was sent on April 11) to representatives of the German energy concern EnBW, which is one of the largest producers of electricity and owners of power grids in the country. Another letter was sent to American Clean Power (USA). American Clean Power represents the renewable energy industry in the United States, bringing together over 1,000 member companies, 120,000 members, and a national workforce located across all 50 states. By uniting the power of wind, solar, storage, and transmission companies and their allied industries, we enable the transformation of the U.S. power grid to a low-cost, reliable and renewable power system.

Representatives of Ukraine's largest energy companies united to create an expert platform to fight on the energy front. DTEK Group, Naftogaz Ukrainy and Ukrenergo have launched the Stop Bloody Energy project and called on Western companies to stop cooperating with Russia in the fuel and energy sector.

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