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RGC. As of 6 March, the gas supply to almost 1,000 homes has been restored

As of March 6, emergency repair teams of gas distribution companies have restored gas supply to almost 1,000 homes. The most significant number of households to which gas companies returned gas are in the Zhytomyr and Zaporizhia regions.

• JSC “Kharkivgas”
Yesterday, the company's employees restored gas supply to three villages located in two districts of the Kharkiv region. Gas was restored for 150 households.

• JSC "Zaporizhgas”
The company's emergency teams repaired the pipeline, welded and did other preparatory work, and then restored gas supplies to Tokmak. Gas supplies were restored immediately after the end of active warfare actions. Gas is delivered to all city residents. Yesterday, the gas supply was restored to one of the villages of Tokmatsky district.

• JSC “Zhytomyrgas”
Repair teams have restored gas supply in several localities of the region. As a result, gas deliveries were resumed to 390 households.

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