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New Realities of the European Gas Market: Overcoming Dependency
The Energy Club is holding a talk show series "New Realities of the European Gas Market: Overcoming Dependency"

The largest business community of energy companies in Ukraine, Energy Club, is holding a series of talk shows called Energy Freedom by Energy Club, dedicated to the pressing issues of the gas market development.

The series include 4 meetings. The meetings cover topics such as:
  • Searching for alternatives to Russian gas after 02/24/2022
  • Using LNG for gas supply in Europe and Ukraine
  • The "Green" energy transition in Europe
  • Development of Ukraine's gas transportation system

The goal of the talk show series is to analyze the challenges faced by the European gas market and possible strategies to overcome them.
Meeting series
Discussion topics:
1. What are the main changes in the European gas market after 24.02.2022? How has it affected gas prices and supplies?
2. What alternative gas sources are European countries considering to replace Russian supplies? What are the prospects and challenges associated with these alternatives?
3. What gas supply diversification strategies are being developed at the national and European levels? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
4. What role do renewable energy sources play in reducing Europe's dependence on imported gas? Is it possible to rapidly increase their share in the energy mix?
5. What are the political and economic risks for Europe associated with seeking new gas sources and moving away from Russian supplies?
6. What innovative technologies and approaches can help Europe manage its energy resources more efficiently in times of crisis?
Ways of ensuring gas supply through LNG, suppliers, routes, new projects. Possibilities of LNG supply to Ukraine
Discussion topics:
1. Who are the main LNG suppliers in the global market, and what geopolitical factors influence this market?
2. What are the existing and potential routes for transporting LNG to Europe and Ukraine? What advantages and disadvantages do they have?
3. What new projects and initiatives are being developed in the LNG sector? How can they affect the gas market?
4. What opportunities and challenges does Ukraine face in the context of LNG import? Are there plans or projects for building infrastructure for receiving and storing LNG?
5. How can the introduction of LNG affect the energy independence and security of Ukraine?
6. What are the economic and technical aspects of using LNG, especially considering the integration of this resource into the Ukrainian energy system?
7. How can Ukraine optimize its energy strategies, considering the role of LNG in the global energy landscape?
#1 The State of the European Gas Market After 24.02.2022. Are There Alternatives to Russian Gas for European Countries
#2 Ways of ensuring gas supply through LNG, suppliers, routes, new projects. Possibilities of LNG supply to Ukraine
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