Post-war recovery of the Ukrainian energy sector
November 21-25, 2022
Energy Security Forum
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The Energy Security Forum will be the final forum of the year for Energy Club, the business community that brings together leading companies in the Ukrainian energy market and creates opportunities for communication between its stakeholders, in a cycle of more than 90 events in 2022.

At the Forum, experts will analyse and assess the state of the renewable energy market, electricity market, gas market, hydrogen energy, energy efficiency.

What do the participants of the Ukrainian energy sector think about how the security and stability of the energy sector of Ukraine will be ensured during the war and the post-war development of the Ukrainian energy sector?

Generation, power grid complex, market regulators and traders will discuss the problems and try to predict the future development of Ukrainian energy.
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  • Energy Club
    The community goal is to provide maximum communication and analytical support to the decision-making process on sustainable development of the energy sector, as well as to promote energy and energy efficiency; organizes specialized events in the energy sector, develops energy innovations, informs about the most important in the field of Ukrainian and world energy, helps to establish links between energy market participants, researches and analyzes the market, etc.
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November 21
Security and stability of the Ukrainian energy sector during the war and its post-war recovery. Post-war development of Ukrainian energy sector
Cybersecurity in the energy sector: what are the challenges facing critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine?
Development of electricity storage systems in Ukraine
November 22
Integration of Ukrainian and European energy markets: what are the next steps?
The state of the gas market of Ukraine in the conditions of war
Exploration and production of hydrocarbons in Ukraine: reserves potential, challenges, prospectives
November 23
The prospect of creating a regional Eastern European gas hub. Potential benefits for Europe and Ukraine
The future of green energy in Ukraine. Opportunities and roadmap for the introduction of guarantees of origin of "green" energy in Ukraine
Energy efficiency in energy, infrastructure, industry, construction and transport. EU and Ukrainian policy
November 24
Biomethane: challenges and opportunities for import substitution in Ukraine and the EU
Hydrogen economy development in the European dimension
Sustainability of nuclear energy in wartime conditions and post-war development of low-carbon generation
November 25
Wars and oil sanctions. Experience of previous crises and new challenges
European experience in servicing electricity consumers
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November 21-25, 2022
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